Physiotherapy Services in Calgary, AB

Falconridge Physiotherapy offers a wide-range of physical therapy programs that are aimed at helping patients in Calgary improve their movements, loosen up stiff joints, overcome sports injuries, and basically improve their physical condition and overall health.

Please take your time in browsing our website to know more details about our physiotherapy services in Calgary. Here is a brief description of what we offer and how a particular treatment/therapy might help you in your condition:

This ancient Chinese holistic healing uses fine and sterile needles inserted in key pressure points in the body. The treatment helps to relieve muscle pains, loosen up joints, and restore balance in your body. Our acupuncture treatment has been proven to be a relaxing experience based on patient feedback and will actually promote better sleep, blood flow, and digestion.

Have questions about acupuncture? Please call our clinic and our trained office staff can answer your questions or refer you to an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

Falconridge Physiotherapy is a trusted clinic offering spinal adjustment services in Calgary. Spinal manipulation focuses on helping the patient achieve a perfectly aligned spine to help his posture, muscle control, and overall quality of health. Our physiotherapists give very gentle yet precise treatments to correct any spinal imbalance or posture problems. We have helped hundreds of patients in Calgary overcome their back aches, shoulder stiffness, and neck pain through our expert spinal manipulation treatment.

Want to know more about Spinal Manipulation? We are ready to answer your questions! We have English and Hindi-speaking staff and flexible consultation schedules for your convenience.

Sometimes, all you need is a good relaxing massage to get rid of different body pains. Here at Falconridge, our massage therapist are trained and experienced in providing healing massages that can have instant pain relieving results for the patient. Since we believe that each patient has his or her own unique ailment or physical problem, our massage treatments are also customized to these specific needs. Therefore, a typical massage session can start out with a consultation with our massage therapist to discuss problem areas before we figure out what type of massage is best for you.

Ready to get that relaxing and healing massage? Please make an appointment today!

Our physiotherapists can help patients have a simple yet effective exercise program that will elevate their overall physical health, improve mood, and overcome injuries. Each patient gets a customized exercise regimen to either increase physical strength or cardio-vascular endurance. Also, our exercise programs are also proven to improve mood and mental wellbeing.

If you’re eager to have your own exercise therapy, then please call our clinic and get a consultation with one of our physiotherapists at your most convenient schedule.

Not all treatments for pain are done through medication. Sports Physiotherapy has been proven as an effective approach to helping patients overcome physical injuries and body pains sustained at sports activities. Here at Falconridge, our physiotherapists have the expertise that can help every patient deal with injury or improve their performance in their chosen sports.

Want to level up in your game? Need a way to manage or heal yourself from a sports injury? Call us and we can definitely help you achieve your goals!

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