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Physical Therapist/Physiotherapist in Calgary, AB

Here at Falconridge Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists have years of study and hands-on experience that enables them to properly assess a patient’s physical ailments and sports injuries and help them understand their condition. Not only do our physiotherapists in Calgary give preliminary diagnosis based on physical examinations; they also work out a holistic therapy program that factors in the patient’s lifestyle, daily activities/movements/sports, and general health.

For more than 15 years, our expert physiotherapists have been successfully treating physical injuries, sports injuries, and other related muscular and physical difficulties of patients young and old alike. Our services in Calgary are not limited to exercise programs or physical therapy, but also include specialized sports exercises for athletes and massages for relaxation and soft tissue mobilization. Since our physiotherapists are also believers of holistic healing, we also offer non-traditional physical therapy services such as acupuncture.

Need assistance or therapy services to help you get used to your crutches, splints, or wheelchair? Need a physical training program to help you improve your performance in sports? Falconridge Physiotherapy in Calgary, AB can also work with you to improve or help you adjust to these physical aids or achieve your sports goals.

If you are experiencing any joint pain or muscle stiffness, have sustained sports injuries, or just want a healing massage from a licensed massage therapist in Calgary, our services are always available. Contact us to book your appointment with one of our licensed physiotherapist or massage therapist. Our physiotherapists, massage therapists and staff are all dedicated to giving quality physiotherapy and massage therapy services and help patients take charge of their health and body.

Falconridge Physiotherapy in Calgary, AB is equipped to assist patients recovering from injury (sports, accidents, work-related) and surgery, and our services are dedicated to our client’s satisfaction and healing. When you come to our clinic in Calgary, AB, our physiotherapists and staff will strive to help you get immediate results, help you understand what’s wrong, and work out a program to help you improve your physical condition and overall quality of life.

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